In loving memory of Graham

The Fingal Stayers Society is missing a seat around the campfire

May you dwell peacefully among the universe, my dear friend 


I would personally like to thank the following people:

Thomas Moore – aka Overlord – Co-founder and Co-Manager of Trek United.  Thank you for providing the inspiration for Enterprise S5, without which I would never have ventured out.

Alyson Lee – ALLEEEEEE....  You rock lady *nods with big smile* Anyhoo, thanks to Alyson for her continued support and critique, and for her encouragement to keep at it!!!  And, for all the long hours she put into helping me sort my issues with ‘grammar’.   Punctuation baby J

My baby girl, Hannah Belle...  Okay she’s not my baby she’s my sister’s baby...  Oh okay, she’s not a baby either she’s 21 this year...  Uh!!!  *facepalm* Anyways, for my baby girl who set me on the right path regarding story writing *big hugs*

Sharon – My muse!  For allowing me to bounce off my ideas for hours on end so I could get the story straight in my head.  *hands Sharon a really, really strong coffee*

And to Tyler and Tish – For, also, taking the time to critique my writing; and providing feedback.  Grammar honey

As you can see, I had problems with punctuation and grammar

And to my long suffering family:  Mary, Paul, Matt, Josh and Hannah.  Thank you for your patience and understanding when I play on my laptop when I visit.  Have laptop will travel!  *cuddles*

And lastly but not least, the members of Trek United who stirred something in me that allowed my imagination to fly.

I hope you all enjoy Enterprise S5...

Kind regards


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