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ENTERPRISE S5 was originated by TrekUnited.com co-founder Thomas Moore and started as an outline for a fan fiction version of an Enterprise season 5. With the help of other TrekUnited members, Tom developed a 20 episode outline for this project.  The original outlines accompany the videos at the original EnterpriseS5 Blog.

Some years later, seeing not much had been done with the project, Pauline Mac - at the time, a new member of TrekUnited - found herself with a desire to help bring this project to reality. Without any experience and never having made a video in her life, Pauline put together the original 5x01 For I Have Chosen the Path Unseen using Tom's outline as a guide. It combined existing screencap stills from Enterprise, a written "subtitle" narrative and a music track to accompany it. Hoping to learn and improve upon her first attempts, Pauline requested the assistance of other members.

It was at this time, Alyson Lee offered to assist Pauline with writing episodes in a more traditional sense, switching away from narration in favor of dialogue. It soon became clear the stories would be limited by the screencaps that were available.  Alyson offered her graphics skills as well and now the possibilities are no longer as limited.  With each new episode, Pauline and Alyson continue to improve their technique, be it graphics, special effects, sound effects, music editing, or storytelling.

But perhaps the most interesting bit of all, this colaboration happens across a span of more than 9500 miles/15288 km (Pauline on the East Coast of Australia/Alyson the East Coast of the United States). Despite never meeting - not to mention confusing time/day differences - they continually manage to work extremely well together to bring you episodes they hope you will really enjoy.

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