The Continuing Missions


Welcome to the ENTERPRISE S5 site!

ENTERPRISE S5 is a unique fan production, pairing screencaps of existing STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE episodes with new scripts to create a "season five" of a series that was ended before its time.  For those who agree the NX01 crew's mission was far from over, we hope our stories will help serve as one of many possible directions they could have traveled.  We hope you will enjoy what we have done.

Episodes can be viewed by clicking on "Episodes" in the menu to the left.  Once on the Episode Listing page you can choose the episode you want to view.  You may also select to read the full synopsis of any episode by following the link provided above the videos.

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ENTERPRISE S5 - A unique, not-for profit, fan production
Produced by Pauline Mac and Alyson Lee - based on Enterprise S5 by Thomas Moore

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